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Acetonitrile and its applications
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EGDA specifications
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Mr. Kim LI

VP, Operation

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Zhonghui news
Zhonghui granted a new patent
Zhonghui Chem is glad to announce today, we have been granted to a new patent for ACN production and purification. "This patent will secure our position as market leader in ACN production." Said Mr. LV, GM of Zhonghui Chem. "And it will enable us to better serve customer needs in analytical application with high quality and stablity". ...

Zhonghui GM attends leadship conference in Weifang City
Mr. LV, GM of Zhonghui Chemical, joined in the industry leadship conference held in Weifang city on Dec 21, 2014.  ...

Zhonghui cares about the long-term development of its employee
As a responsible chemical enterprise, Zhonghui chemical cares about the long-term development of its employee as well the social responsibility. We invested heavily in the water treatment facility to enable us implement CLEAN PRODUCTION and eliminate pollution to the environment. Our vision is to become the leading manufacturer of special solvent...

Work with some leading research universities like Fudan University
Zhonghui Chemical take great efforts on brand building and IP protection. We have several patented production process to reinforce our competitive edge. Our well recognized trademark includes "中匯" (domestic market)and “CONVERTECH”(International market). And we work with some leading research universities like Fudan University (one of the top 4 in China) ...

Zhonghui Chemical is ISO 9001 certified company
As an ISO 9001 certified company, we have strict standards for our quality and good command of operation excellence. We target on meeting our customer needs and contentiously improve our capability of product development and quality management. We value and benefit from both the contribution of individual employee and the cooperation with external partne...

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